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Show the community what the collective power of women can accomplish!


 Women Build was established in 2005 and have raised close to $1.9 million dollars. In 2024, the Women Build will build their 21st sponsored home.

about women build

Whether building or fundraising, women from all walks of life come together to build affordable homes for families to purchase. By bringing women together to help build Habitat homes, Women Build promotes solidarity and pride in our city, working alongside each other to build new affordable housing. Women Build also introduces women to home construction, and through mentorship and training encourages women to assume leadership roles on the construction site.

2023 Women Build Blitz Build Photo Gallery

2023 women build partner family

 Surafel & Wubete with Daughter, Maidot (2010)

Surafel and Wubete’s story displays their determination and commitment to building a better life for themselves and their daughter. Surafel arrived in Canada in 2016 and in 2018 while visiting back home in Ethiopia, he and Wubete got married. In 2020, Wubete and their daughter made their way to Canada to join Surafel.

Surafel works full time in manufacturing, while Wubete contributes by working part-time as a cleaner. Their hard work and dedication to their jobs reflect their determination to provide for their family and create a stable future.

In addition to their jobs, Surafel and Wubete have been actively working at completing the 500 sweat equity hours required as part of Habitat for Humanity Manitoba’s homeownership program. They have been committing all of their free time at the ReStore, to complete their required hours. Surafel has also been able to dedicate some time to work on the Pandora Avenue West Development by contributing to the construction of future homes.

Their daughter, Maidot, is a bright student, excelling in her studies. Her dream of becoming a lawyer fills her parents with pride and serves as an inspiration for the family’s determination to provide her with a stable and supportive environment.

Surafel describes the neighborhood as a close-knit community where neighbors occasionally gather, and help one another as needed. This sense of community fosters a supportive environment for Surafel, Wubete and Maidot as they embark on their journey with Habitat Manitoba.

Through their partnership, Surafel and Wubete are not only building on their own home but also becoming a part of a larger community dedicated to providing affordable housing for those in need. Their determination, hard work and support from their community will undoubtedly help them achieve their dream of a stable and secure future.


Be part of an empowering experience and help build houses for families in need of a safe, decent and affordable place to live.

build dates

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how you can help

  • Volunteer
  • Sponsor a Corporate Build Day
  • Support a Women Build Fundraising Event
  • Donate to the Women Build Program



I've really enjoyed my time volunteering, especially with Women Build. It's been a lot of fun and I've met a lot of people. Women Build has such a great atmosphere with lots of comradery.

Dianne, Women Build volunteer & leader