cycling events

By participating in charity rides and fundraising events, cyclists can help raise funds for important causes and provide a sense of community

Did you know that Habitat Manitoba has been fundraising through cycling events since 1994? Every year, we host three cycling fundraisers to help build homes for families in Manitoba.

For any questions regarding our cycling events, please contact Brett Bourne, Manager, Signature Events at [email protected] or at 204-792-3993.

Cycle of Hope

Cycle of Hope began in 1994 with a group of cyclists wanting a cycling adventure. It caught on quickly and the ride began to grow, with every year a new destination. Cycle of Hope is paused for 2024 and we are working on exciting 2025 plans that will include new routes and options for those who participate and for those who support this important event. Contact Brett Borne, Habitat Manitoba’s Event Manager, [email protected] for more information.

Cycle of Hope jersey/photo archives here.

Spirit of Hope

View the 2024 Spirit of Hope cycling event here.
Spirit of Hope jersey/photo archives here.

Ride Around The Lake

Ride Around the Lake is a beautiful 3-day cycling event where up to 50 cyclists ride in and around parts of Ontario. The cyclists ride and average daily distance or 117 km – totaling around 350 km. This is an invitation-only cycling fundraising event.

View the 2024 Ride Around the Lake cycling event here.
Ride Around the Lake jersey archives here.
Ride Around the Lake 2023 photos here.