Helping lower income families in the Manitoba to build a better life through affordable homeownership.

what it means to partner with us

Do you dream of owning your own home? Habitat for Humanity Manitoba may be able to help!

We partner with working, lower income families living in the Manitoba area to help them build and buy their own decent, affordable home through a unique affordable homeownership solution.

  • Families purchase an affordable home from Habitat for Humanity Manitoba with a no down payment, no interest, renewable 15 year mortgage.
  • Since families wouldn’t qualify for a conventional mortgage, we provide a Habitat for Humanity Manitoba mortgage that removes the barriers to homeownership.
  • Mortgage payments are calculated annually, so that families never pay more than 27% of household income on shelter costs.
  • As part of their partnership with Habitat for Humanity Manitoba, families contribute “sweat equity” of 500 hours helping build their home, other Habitat homes, or helping in our ReStores.
  • Every family attends financial education workshops to prepare themselves for first-time homeownership.
  • As soon as a family starts to pay off their mortgage, Habitat for Humanity Manitoba puts those dollars to work helping build the next home for the next family. As families pay off their mortgages, these dollars are reinvested and used by Habitat for Humanity Manitoba to build more homes for working, lower income families in our community.
  • We keep our build costs low through volunteer labour and, as much as possible, donated or reduced-cost building materials and services.

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