Restore Update – Trees Don’t Belong in the Landfill

Every year in Winnipeg thousands of urban trees are removed due to disease and decline. Most of them end up in a landfill. The goal at Urban Lumber is to divert as many trees as possible from that fate and mill them into quality wood products for your home. 

Habitat ReStores have partnered with this small sawmill company, Urban Lumber, based in Winnipeg Manitoba, dedicated to providing Winnipeggers with an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood products. 100% of their wood comes from salvaged trees in Winnipeg. They mill urban trees that come down from disease, decline or development and would typically be destined for the landfill. Call it tree recycling if you will. 

This company was founded with environmental stewardship in mind. By utilizing these urban trees, not only are they diverting trees from the landfill and sequestering carbon in the process, but they are also reducing the need for traditionally harvested wood. It is a use a city tree, spare a forest tree kind of deal.  

A substantial proportion of the trees they mill are American Elm, the much-loved boulevard tree ravaged by dutch elm disease. They partner with arborist companies to take the trees large enough for milling off their hands and give them a second life. 

They offer kiln dried dimensional lumber and finished live edge slabs in a variety of local species, including American Elm, Bur Oak, Manitoba Maple, and Green and Black Ash. 

Urban Lumber utilizes an i-Dry vacuum kiln system and guarantees quality dried lumber and slabs. The Winnipeg ReStores sell the American Elm live edge slabs used for making charcuterie boards and shelves. 

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