Meet Rosemary & Family


Daughters: Marika (2005), Sereniti (2017)
Sons: Dennis (2007), Daniel (2012)
Foster child: (2017)

Rosemary is a single mother of four children. She also has a foster child currently in her care. Rosemary was born and raised in Winnipeg, where she has multi-generational roots and her children identify as Metis.

Rosemary works in the social services field and works hard to provide for her children. This work is important to her as in her own upbringing and younger life she experienced homelessness and addictions. She has worked hard to overcome these difficult struggles and has dedicated her life to her children and her sobriety.

She is very aware of her financial situation and is attentive to planning out her income and expense each month. She has been working hard completing the required 500 sweat equity hours and looks forward to building on her own home.

Rosemary and her family have lived in a few different places over the last 5+ years. Previously moving from their rental, which they occupied for 5 years, the move was due to the property owner selling. Rosemary then had to move into their current rental, a 3-bedroom townhouse that is more expensive and does not accommodate the family size. Their current rental is in desperate need of upgrading and repair.

As her children are growing, they require their own space. Rosemary is excited to purchase her very first home through the Habitat Manitoba

homeownership program. Habitat is building Rosemary a 5-bedroom townhouse-style condominium home. She will provide her children with the security of homeownership, where they will have their own space and room to grow.

When asked what “home” means to Rosemary, her response was “home is anywhere we have peace, safety, family and most importantly LOVE”.

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