Meet Getachew, Rahel & Family

Getachew & Rahel

Daughters: Redet (2019), Dagmawit (2020)
Son: Grum (2023)

Getachew and Rahel are both originally from Ethiopia. Getachew arrived in Canada in 2013 and Rahel in 2016. They are both Canadian citizens.

The couple met in Winnipeg through mutual friends and are part of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. They were married on September 23, 2018.

Getachew is visually impaired. He started losing his vision when he was six years old due to a result of having measles. His vision was deteriorating further and when he came to Canada he was diagnosed with glaucoma where that robbed him of the ability to even see light.

Getachew has turned his disability into an ability. He is a self-employed registered massage therapist. Massage therapy can be used to release stress and tension, provide relief from symptoms, heal injuries and support wellness. He provides these services to his clients in their homes.

Rahel earned her diploma in Medical Office Assistance from CDI while on maternity leave with their first daughter. She found it hard to secure a job in that field as it requires two years’ experience. Rahel was working as an individualized support staff for SCE Lifeworks, working with people with disabilities. Rahel is currently on maternity leave with their youngest, Grum who was born in January of 2023. Rahel helps Getachew run his business, assisting with administrative responsibilities.

The family has lived in their downtown apartment for four years. They do not feel safe outdoors in their neighborhood. As part of Getachew’s business, he washes all his own linens. The family uses the shared laundry facility with the other tenants, this is not ideal for this family.

With the help of Habitat Manitoba, Cycle of Hope, and Spirit of Hope, Getachew and Rahel will purchase their first home on Panet Road. They are blessed to have this opportunity. Hard work and resilience have paid off for this family. Congratulations Getachew, Rahel, Redet, Dagmawit, and Grum!
“A home means a very special place for us; A place we feel very happy to be together always with our lovely kids. Having our own home is our dream, a place where we feel very much happy and secure. A home is where we get more freedom to get together with family and friends. Having a home in general was our dream to achieve our goal to raise our kids with full of love and happiness. Now we are a partner family with Habitat Manitoba and we are going to have our own home. We are very grateful for that. Thanks to God! And thank you Habitat for giving us the opportunity.”

~ Getachew & Rahel

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