Meet Fsshaye, Senait & Family

Fsshaye & Senait

Sons: Naod and Nahaom (2011), Nathniel (2016)

Fsshaye was born in Eritrea and Senait was born in Ethiopia. At different stages of their lives, they both fled the countries and lived in a refugee camp in Uganda.

Fsshaye was enlisted in the Eritrea military, this was going to be a lifelong commitment that he was not prepared for, as he would not be allowed to enroll in school, nor see his family. He fled Eritrea by way of Sudan where he lived for 3 years. He was unable to secure work in Sudan and left the country to find employment in Uganda.

When Senait was in grade 6, her and her family fled Ethiopia to Eritrea because of the war. In Eritrea she finished school and worked with United Nations. Due to the war, she did not want to stay in Eritrea, she fled with colleagues by way of Sudan and then to Uganda.

As adults living in Uganda refugee camps, Fsshaye and Senait were both granted permits to leave the camp for work and church. They met each other while attending the same church in 2010 and shortly after were married.

In 2011, they welcomed their twins, Naod and Nahom into this world. Fsshaye and Senait wanted more for their children. They wanted them to grow up in a country that was safe. With Senait’s experience working with United Nations and her auntie already living in Canada, she knew Canada was a safe, peaceful place to live.

Fsshaye and Senait attended a presentation by International Organization for Migration (IOM), discussing what Canada looks like and the process to move there. Senait’s aunt sponsored Fsshaye, Senait, Naod, and Nahom to come to Canada in 2015. Shortly after their arrival, in 2016 their youngest, Nathniel was born.

As an Orthodox Christian family, the family values their relationship between God and humanity.

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