Meet Amine, Sara & Family

Amine & Sara
Daughters: Hiyah (2008) and Martha (2018)
Son: Senay (2020)

Amine and Sara are originally from Eritrea and have embarked on a remarkable journey to build a better life for their growing family in Canada. Their story is one of perseverance, sacrifice and the unwavering pursuit of a brighter future.

Their journey began in 2017 when Sara, pregnant with their second child, made the courageous decision to come to Canada. Leaving behind her homeland, husband, and first daughter, Hiyab. Sara embraced the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead, driven by her dreams for a better life for her family.

In 2019, Amine joined Sara in Canada, while Hiyab continued to live in Eritrea with Amine’s parents until 2021. This period of separation was filled with hope and anticipation, as the family eagerly awaited the day when they could be reunited and start building a new life together.

Amine, an assembly worker, contributes his skills and dedication to his employment. Sara, after her maternity leave, joined the workforce as a cleaner, balancing her responsibilities as a working mother. Additionally, Sara has made a commitment to her personal growth by attending family programs through Mosaic Newcomer Family Resource Network. She is determined to enhance her skills and knowledge, further strengthening her prospects for a brighter future.

The family currently resides in a two-bedroom subsidized apartment, where space is limited. Hiyab has her own room, providing her with a sense of privacy, while Amine, Sara, Martha, and Senay, all share the other bedroom. The limited storage poses a challenge, making it difficult to organize and accommodate their belongings.

The partnership with Habitat Manitoba represents a beacon of hope for fhe family. They dream of a stable and secure home where their family can thrive, surrounded by the warmth and comfort they deserve. The prospect of having enough space to call their own, is an opportunity they eagerly anticipate.

Amine, Sara, and their children represent the unwavering spirit of countless families who seek a safe and affordable home to provide a better life for their loves ones. The determination, resilience and commitment displayed by this family is an inspiration for many.

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