Meet Alfred, Jane and Family

Alfred & Jane
Sons: Jeffrey (2016), Jayson (2018), & Jeovani (2021)

Alfred and Jane embarked on a courageous journey from Burundi to Canada in search of a better life and brighter future. Jane arrived in Canada in 2007, paving the way for Alfred, when he joined Jane in 2015.

Alfred, a dedicated and hardworking individual, currently holds two jobs to support his family. He works full-time as a concierge at Université de Saint Boniface, where he extends his warm hospitality to students and staff, and also serves as a part-time security guard. Even with holding two jobs, Alfred priorities spending quality time with his family and ensuring their well-being.

Jane, a nurturing and resilient mother, has devoted herself to raising their three sons. When their youngest child enters school full-time, Jane eagerly anticipates the opportunity to join the workforce and contribute to the family’s financial stability. She aspires to find employment that aligns with her skills and interests, allowing her to make a meaningful impact on their lives.

Currently residing in a two-bedroom apartment, the family is facing the challenge of outgrowing their living space. With their growing children, it has become increasingly apparent that they require a more suitable home that can accommodate their evolving needs.

Alfred and Jane dream of providing their sons with a safe and stable environment where they can flourish and thrive.

Through their partnership with Habitat Manitoba, Alfred and Jane are excited about the opportunity to purchase their first home. They recognize the importance of homeownership as a foundation for stability and personal growth. With the support of Habitat Manitoba, Alfred and Jane are ready to work hard to achieve their dream of a decent and affordable home.

This family is resilient, determined and have an unwavering spirit and are an inspiration to other families who seek a fresh start and an opportunity to establish a better life. Together, they hope to create a nurturing home that will empower their children to embrace their potential and contribute positively to their community.

Congratulations to Alfred, Jane, and family.

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