Meet Mercy, Fernand & Family

Mercy & Fernand

Asher (9), Adam (7)

Mercy, Fernand and their two sons are originally from the Philippines, but are now Canadian citizens. Mercy and her husband work as part-time Health Care Aides at Riverview Health Center with opposite shifts in order to accommodate child care for the boys who both have special needs. Asher is autistic and Adam has significant hearing loss in both ears. With this schedule, there is always a parent around to attend to the boys needs.

The family currently lives in a small, 2 bedroom apartment which is well maintained and in a nice area. The boys attend school in the area and are picked up by bus directly in front of their apartment building. The family sleeps together in one bedroom as the second room has been converted into a therapy room for Asher. This living situation is not ideal long-term for this growing family. The two boys would benefit from having their own rooms as they each have specific needs.

Mercy and Fernand learned about Habitat through a friend. They are willing to move to any are of the city as long as special needs schooling is available. They are eager to provide a more stable living situation for their boys as they grow.

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