Meet Nuru, Rabia & Family

Meet Nuru, Rabia & Family

Nuru & Rabia

Julyebib (10), Leanne (4)

Nuru, Rabia and their son emigrated from Ethiopia in 2013. Nuru, who had studied Rural Development in Ethiopia now works as truck driver. When they first arrived to Canada, Rubia worked at Fresh Touch Cleaning, but went on maternity leave when Leanne was born. She is currently at home caring for her youngest child and plans to go back to work in the future. Both Nuru and Rabia have been taking courses to improve their English and receive help from Nuru’s brother Seid, who is a refugee services coordinator.

The family currently resides in a two bedroom apartment that is very tidy, however the heat is erratic as it is set for the whole building. The biggest concern is the safety of the building and surrounding area. There are frequent late-night loud parties in the building making it hard for the family to sleep. Items have been stolen from the laundry room and the neighbourhood has been a victim of serious crimes.

The family is active in the community with Nuru becoming involved with Folklorama and helping his brother with new immigrants when he can. They are eager to partner with Habitat and start building their home.

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