Meet Yoseph, Roza & Family

Meet Yoseph, Roza & Family

Yoseph & Roza

Kalab (8), Noha (4)

Yoseph and Roza are originally from Ethiopia and immigrated to Canada in 2014. They were sponsored through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. Their oldest son Kalab was born in Ethiopia and their youngest son Noha was born in Winnipeg. Moving to Winnipeg was a natural choice as Yoseph’s sister and brother also live here.

Yoseph works as a long distance driver for Deva Jatt Transport. His route has him travelling Monday to Friday to the United States and back. He is back home on the weekend to spend time with the family. Yoseph aspires to one day own his own transport truck. After maternity leave with Noha, Roza attended Robertson College and now works as a Health Care Aide. They are conscientious savers and pay their off their credit card monthly.

The family currently lives in a 2 bedroom apartment that is clean and modestly furnished. The apartment is spacious but drafty in the winter. The apartment does not come with a parking spot. They are paying $25 a month to park on the street in the summer and $35 a month in the winter to park at a grocery store 10 minutes away that allows them to plug in their car.
Yoseph and Roza, along with help from friends and family, are looking forward to completing their sweat equity hours and owning their own home.

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