Meet Petros, Lulu & Family

Meet Petros, Lulu & Family

Petros & Lulu

Emna (22), Meddet (17), Edina (14)

Petros and Lula are originally from Eritrea and were married there in 2001. Petros was employed as a teacher before fleeing the country in 2007, becoming a refugee in Sudan. He then moved from the refugee camp to the capital city Khartoum to find work in a book store. Lulu fled Eritrea with the boys in 2010 to join her husband in Sudan. Together, the family immigrated to Canada in 2014.

Petros is employed as a production labourer at Duha Color Service and Lula works as a cleaner for GDI Integrated Facility Services. Both have excellent references from their employers. The boys are in school; Meddet attends Churchill High and Edina goes to Our Lady of Victory.

The family currently lives in an extremely small two bedroom apartment. Petros and Lula’s bed fills their entire bedroom. The boys share a room which also serves as the storage closet for the apartment, containing a freezer, bike, etc. Neither bedrooms have a clothes closet. Not only is the apartment too small for their needs, but the family does not feel safe in the neighbourhood which has experienced crime. The family owned a home in Eritrea and are eager to provide that same stability here for their family, while building equity for their future.

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