Meet Asad, Fatuma & Family

Asad & Fatuma
Daughters: Sumayo (2001) and Safiya (2012)
Sons: Mohamed (2004), Muad (2009), and Ibrahim (2014)

Asad and Fatuma are originally from Somalia. They arrived in Canada in 2008 via a refugee camp in Kenya with their four oldest children. Their two oldest, Abdullahi, now 24 years old and Abdirahman, now 22 years old, live independently in Vancouver and Toronto. When the family arrived in Canada, Sumayo was 8 years old and Mohamed was 4 years old.

Shortly after moving to Canada and the years following, Asad and Fatuma welcomed their younger children, Muad, Safiya, and Ibrahim.

For the past ten year the family have lived in a four bedroom townhouse style rental. The family does not feel safe in their unit. They experienced an attempted break in and their vehicles have been broken into several times.

Asad is a full-time Health Care Aid taking great joy in helping others. Fatuma is a stay-at-home mom, taking care of their busy family.

The family are excited to move into their Habitat Manitoba home, which will be one of the 55 homes on Pandora Avenue West, Habitat Manitoba’s largest development to date.

Asad, Sumayo, and Mohamed have been working very hard completing their sweat equity hours in the ReStore. When the oldest children are in town, they help the family complete their hours. Even the younger children have helped, completing hours with the At Home Sweat Equity Opportunities.

With the great leadership from Asad and unconditional support from Fatuma, they have and will continue to improve their family’s future.

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