Meet Teruework & Family

Meet Teruework & Family

Teruework (Teru)

Maheder (17), Mekides (12), Mary (5)

Teru was born in Ethiopia and spent 12 years in South Africa before immigrating to Canada in 2011. She and her two oldest daughters, Maheder and Mekides, were privately sponsored by her brother-in-law and are now proud permanent residents of Canada.

Maheder & Mekides are students at St. Mary’s Academy and Mary is in kindergarten at Our Lady of Victory School. Teru works as a home support worker for Child and Family Services. Teru always looks for opportunities to work overtime to help provide a decent life for her children. Teru is very good at managing her finances, she owns her own vehicle, has saved for her future with RESPs and contributes money in a TFSA when she can.

They currently live in a very small two bedroom basement apartment which is drafty and cold in the winter and much too small for this growing family. Teru was overjoyed when she was given the good news that she had been approved as a partner family and looks forward to purchasing her own home where Maheder, Mekides and Mary can grow up, have sleepovers with their friends and invite family over for celebrations and dinners. We all deserve to live in a decent, affordable home; a Habitat home will help Teru and her children build strength, stability and independence.

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