Meet Akberet, Yohannes & Family

Meet Akberet, Yohannes & Family

Akberet & Yohannes

Venus (2000), Biniam (2003), Bethelhem (2005), Bereketeab (2007)

Akberet and Yohannes immigrated to Canada from Eritrea in 2013. Akberet received her Health Care Aide Diploma in April 2015 and currently holds Health Care Aide positions at both Misericordia Health Centre and Holy Family Home. Yohannes was employed as cleaner for JG Janitorial and Quinterra Property Maintenance up until January 2017. He is enrolled at Robertson College where he is completing a six-month training program for his Health Care Aide certificate. Their oldest daughter Venus is attending school at St. Mary’s Academy. The other three children attend school nearby their home.

Akberet and Yohannes’ family have been in their apartment on Dufferin since July 2014. It is spacious for a three bedroom, is not adequate for this six-member family. The two boys share one bedroom and the girls share another. The children’s bedrooms provide tight sleeping quarters, with no room for a desk to do homework. The two boys and the two girls each share a bed. The apartment, while in a reasonable state of repair, is “tired” and requires upgrading. Akberet and Yohannes have concerns about the safety of their family as there have been problems with noise/disturbances outside their unit and windows have been broken. There is absolutely no yard for the children to play. There is also issues of street prostitution in the area, which causes them concern for their children.

Both parents have an excellent beacon score with the only debt being student loans and a car payment. A Habitat home will provide strength, stability and independence for their family and are anxious to start building this year.

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