Meet Nicole & Family


Jack (10), Zachary (8)

Nicole is a single mom of two boys, Jack and Zachary. Nicole left high school before graduating to go to work and support the family when her father became disabled. After the birth of her second child she completed her high school education. Since 2014, she has been working as a Customer Service representative for the City of Winnipeg.

Currently the family lives with Nicole’s parents and her brother in a rental home. She and her sons have the use of the upper level and they share the kitchen and dining area with the rest of the family. The house is in need of repair: the kitchen sink has a vice grip in place of a faucet, one toilet leaks badly and there is mold in the basement which affect Nicole’s asthma. Although Nicole enjoys living with her parents, she desires to have a place of her own where she can paint hers sons’ rooms.

Nicole volunteers at her church and is highly recommended by her minister who serves as a personal reference in her goal of home ownership.

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