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high schools for habitat

If you are a high school teacher, we invite you to participate in our program. Students are invited to join us on the build site in groups of 10 with one teacher/supervisor. Students must be 16 years of age to be on the build site, and commit to one full day of volunteering. If you would like further information regarding registering your school to participate in a Build Day, please contact: Kelly Kluger at 204-235-2401 or email [email protected] 

Mission Statement
To foster the social consciousness of high school students and their communities by developing an awareness of Habitat for Humanity and encouraging cooperative involvement through educational, volunteer and fundraising opportunities.

Vision Statement
To empower students with a sense of social responsibility and to build leadership skills.

Habitat for Humanity encourages students to:

  1. Learn – Become informed about Habitat for Humanity, the need for safe and affordable housing, and sustainable development.
  2. Act – Participate cooperatively in educational, volunteerism, and fundraising opportunities and become empowered to promote awareness in communities and address social justice issues.
  3. Build – Create better communities now and in the future

If you are interested in learning more about our High Schools for Habitat program, we would be happy to provide a speaker to meet with students who are interested in volunteering

middle years

Educational Resources
We are pleased to be able to offer the following educational resources:

  • A Lesson plan (PDF, 386 KB) for Middle Years classes to build models of Habitat homes in Canada, and around the world and to learn what materials are required to build a home.
  • Grades 4-6 Writing Contest
    Students across Canada are invited to submit a poem or essay explaining what home means to them.  Visit  for more information on the Meaning of Home Writing Contest.  For every entry, $10 will be donated to their local Habitat.  Three grand prize winners (one from each grade) will receive $30,000 grants to be directed to local Habitat builds of the winners’ choice.  Three runners-up (one from each grade) will receive $10,000 grants to be directed towards local Habitat builds of the winners’ choice.   In addition to the $30,000 grants, the contest grand prize winners will each receive an iPad and a class pizza party. Runners-up will each receive an electronic tablet and a class pizza party, in addition to the $10,000 grants.
  • Grade 3 – 4: There are a variety of books that you may find useful to launch further discussions or activities in your class. Click here (PDF, 61.5 KB) for more information.
  • Grades 3 – 8: Habitat can visit your school, or your classroom to do a presentation on Habitat for Humanity. To schedule someone to come to your school and present information about Habitat for Humanity, please call Vernelle Mirosh at (204) 235-2407 or email [email protected].
  • Have your Middle Years students create Word Clouds. Supporting your English or French language curriculum and Art curriculum, as a class you may choose one theme, or have students select which theme interests them the most. A word cloud can fill the entire page or depict a shape. In the above examples, students created word clouds for Habitat for Humanity and altruism. For Habitat for Humanity, the student took words associated with Habitat and arranged them in the shape of a hammer. For altruism, words are arranged to convey two hands reaching for each other.

Please contact Vernelle Mirosh for more information or to provide feedback: [email protected] or (204) 235-2407.

January 6, 2020 – February, 2020

2020 Habitat for Humanity Scholarship Application

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