community fundraising tips & tools

The first step to a successful fundraising event is having a great plan!

creating an event plan that works

The The following event planning tips and tools can help you plan your own successful event and reach your fundraising goals.

Here’s how:

step 1

Come up with a great fundraising event idea – and challenge your family and friends to get involved by helping you plan it and/or by supporting it.

fundraising event ideas

step 2

 Plan your event – Before you get started, you’ll need to read the community event guidelines and complete and submit a Community Event Application form to Habitat Manitoba. Once we’ve contacted you, you can start planning your event – and we’re here to help.

community event planning checklist

community event agreement & application form

sample event budget form

community event resources

step 3

Make a List of Potential Donors – Create a detailed list of people in your family, social and professional circles who you think might be interested in donating to your event, i.e. your dentist, lawyer, Aunt Mildred, John from your soccer team.

step 4

Promote your Event – Distribute posters/flyers door-to-door, post on local community boards, in local stores and telephone poles. Ask a local TV or radio station to help sell your event for a great cause! Social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are also a great way spread the word about your event and the cause you’re supporting. Create an event on social media sites and invite your networks.

step 5

Collect donations or pledges to raise funds for Habitat Manitoba! – You’ll need a donation form to keep track of your donations. If you’re challenging yourself to run a marathon, you’ll need to get pledges.

sample event donation form

sample event pledge form

step 6

Don’t Forget to Follow Up – Always make sure to follow up with potential donor leads and to send thank you letters/emails to your donors. If they feel good about their donations, they are more likely to become a repeat donor.

Download the complete community fundraising toolkit:
community event guidelines
community event agreement
community event resources
community event planning checklist
sample event budget form

sample event donation form
sample event pledge form

Event thank you letter template
charitable tax receipting guidelines