critical repair program

The Critical Repair Program helps improve the quality of life for low-income individuals in Winnipeg by repairing critical and time-sensitive damage in their homes. By assisting low-income homeowners resolve health and safety deficiencies or accessibility modifications they cannot afford to take on, Habitat Manitoba supports families and seniors to remain comfortably in their home with pride and dignity.

Every year Habitat Manitoba receives requests from low-income homeowners whose homes are in need of repair. In most cases, homeowners do not have the skills or access to funds to fix the issues and are anxious about moving or their home becoming in jeopardy of being condemned. In response to this growing need, the Province of Manitoba’s Seniors and Long-Term Care department announced their support for the Critical Repair Program in February of 2023. With a significant investment of $450,000, Habitat Manitoba has piloted the program by starting with repair projects in the homes of low-income seniors in Winnipeg who have no other options. This program will help ease strain on the social services and health care systems that would be impacted by displaced seniors if their homes aren’t repaired.

Habitat Manitoba aims to acquire additional funding to develop the Critical Repair Program into a permanent program offering that will be inclusive of all who are eligible for critical repairs in order to maintain their independence and keep their home.

If you would like to help a homeowner live safely in their home for longer, please donate today.

The Critical Repair Program addresses the following:

  • modifications for accessibility
  • critical safety and health concerns in the home
  • code violations, including changes or repairs of materials

Critical Repair Projects may include:

  • installing lifts or ramps
  • adding or repairing stair handles
  • bathroom modifications for accessibility
  • repairs to prevent water damage and fix existing water damage

To qualify for the current program, the following criteria must be met:

  • homeowners must be 65 years of age or older
  • the applicant/homeowner must live in the home and provide proof of ownership
  • household income must be below $50,000
  • the Municipality assessed value of the home must be below $400,000
  • property insurance must be current and valid
  • the need for the repairs/renovations must be serious and urgent; and if not carried out, the homeowner’s safety, health or the structural integrity of the building will be jeopardized
  • the homeowner is ineligible for any other repair or renovation funding program
  • the requested repairs/renovations have not been started or substantially incomplete prior to the application approval

Habitat Manitoba is currently working with other agencies in the community that support seniors in order to identify applicants with the greatest need.

Contact Information:

For program inquiries please email [email protected].

For sponsorship or gift in kind opportunities, contact Isidora Draskovic at [email protected] or 204-233-5160 ext 211.

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