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What is Task Training?

We want to invest in you! Task Training are your opportunity to hone your craft by learning new construction skills, approaches to building, and techniques that will help you on your journey as a Crew Leader. Habitat GTA hosts Task Training on a regular basis to learn more about drywall, flooring, framing, insulation, and much more. Sign up for a Task Training today and continue to lead to succeed on our build sites.

Do you want to grow your skills? Sign up for a Task Training today!

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What is Construction Training?

The construction trainings are an opportunity for Crew Leaders to learn or get a refresh on various types of skills. (i.e. Fall Arrest Training, Propane, etc.).  We will provide these trainings periodically throughout the year, and want to give Crew Leaders the chance to learn about them and sign up. Please check back on this site for future trainings and dates.

Do you want to grow your skills? Sign up for a Construction Training today!

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