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Cycle of Hope 2015

Join us on a fully supported two-week journey from the magnificent Niagara Falls, home via the Wisconsin Dells, following the Mississippi River.
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On Friday, July 3rd, 49 Habitat for Humanity Cycle of Hope (COH) cyclists & 10 support crew left Winnipeg travelling by vehicle to Niagara Falls then jumping on their bikes to ride 1000 miles home over a 2 week period - all to raise money for Habitat. 

During the 2 week ride, the riders endured lightning storms, heavy downpours, excessive wind and had to sit out a tornado watch.  They were supported by every local community & local Habitat Affiliate they visited with a warm welcome, delicious food and warm place to sleep.  As their legs grew tired and minds weary, remembering why they were doing this kept them going as they dug deep and continued the adventure home.

On Saturday, July 18th, the COH cyclists and crew were welcomed by a Winnipeg Special Event Police escort starting at Heritage Park, St. Norbert and ending at the COH sponsored home build site on Nairn Avenue with the partner family anxiously waiting. 

Click here to view the exciting return photos.

Days 1-12: Route Maps
Date Day Location Download
Note: To download a GPX file, please right click
on the link and save to your computer.
July 6 1 Simcoe PDF | GPX
July 7 2 St. Thomas PDF | GPX
July 8 3 Sarnia PDF | GPX
July 9 4 Mt. Pleasant PDF | GPX
July 10 5 Ludington PDF
July 12 7 Waupan PDF | GPX
July 13 8 Mauston PDF | GPX
July 14 9 Winona PDF | GPX
July 15 10 Hastings PDF | GPX
July 16 11 Monticello PDF | GPX
July 17 12 Little Falls PDF | GPX
Daily Distance Final (Excel)
Parade Route 2015 (PDF)

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Global News
January 20, 2015

Valerie A.
Denise C.
Lidia K.
Daniel S.
Dwight W.
Kelly B.
Nicole M.
Malcolm D.
Ian H.
Debbie D.
Rolf L.
Guy M.
Olenka A.
Lori B.
Rudy E.
Rose E.
Pattie I.
Leslie Mc
John K.H.
Gord T.
Dave B.
Amber K.
Henry T.
Alex M.
John D.
Ed J.
Deb M.
Kathleen K.
Jocelyn M.
Kim R.
Don K.
Brenda K.
Ian C.
Kelly M.
David R.
Jerry P.
Laurence E.
Abe P.
Christa R.
Richard R.
Wayne S.
Pieter T.
Evert T.
George W.
Louise W.
Candy B.
Rob B.
Charlie O.
Lorie Mc
Nancy B.
Risa O.